SeaDoo GTI 155

Tested by Heinrich Kleyn (May/June 2011)

Length – 3.37m
Beam – 1.23m
Weight (dry) — 338kg
Power as tested — 155hp

THERE are so many different makes and models of PWCs available on the market that these days selecting which one to buy boils down to personal choice and budget. However, there are a few workhorses in the market that give a very good ride and are customised by dealers, like Peters Watersports. to fit your needs and which are worth a closer look.

The model that Peter’s Watersports are currently customising for fishing purposes is the Seadoo GTI 155 three-seater jetski.
These Seadoo GTIs are generally very good looking skis that catch the eye when it comes to styling and comfort. The ski is overall very stable, but Peter’s Watersports have fitted jetski pods on the sides that give it much more stability and packing space. These pods are custom-built and give the angler a great feeling of comfort and safety, plus lots of space to store either your catch or tackle. It also provides you with space in the foot wells to place your catch before removing the hooks safely.

These pods have self-draining plugs in the back, so if some water does get into them they will drain automatically. The pods can be easily removed if you want to use the ski for any other application.

On the back of these pods a safety container and your livebait well can be fitted. This creates a lot of open fishing space at the back as well on the sides.

Rod holders are then attached to the safety container and the livebait cages — the number of rod holders fitted depends on your requirements. They have mounted rod holders on both sides of the ski for when you want to troll.

On the front console Peter’s Watersports have created a protection hatch where your fishfinder sits. This protects the finder in case you hit a swell and get yourself and the ski covered in water. The customised Seadoo GTI rigged for fishing comes with a Cuda 300 fishfinder.

In the front there are removable storage hatches where you could keep more tackle or anything else you might want to take with you to sea. 
The Seadoo GTI 155 comes with steering assist and has two programmed keys — one is for the more advanced person and the other is for learner jetski riders. This is just one of the many safety features that Seadoo offers.

Being one of the most economic jetskis on the market, the Seadoo GTI is fitted with a 60 litre fuel tank. With this amount of fuel you would be able to travel and fish all day out at sea without worrying that you might run out of fuel. However, it also has a low fuel alarm that will warn you in time if you do manage to use up nearly all your fuel. 
This Seadoo GTI has a Category D seaworthy certificate which means you are allowed to go 5nm out to sea.

The well-padded seats make for a very comfortable ride, while the FRP construction makes the ski very light and makes the ride very smooth. The craft has a progressive-Vee composite design which means you will have a much smoother ride in rough conditions than on some of the other jetskis in the marketplace. This craft’s hull construction makes for great manoeuvrability in the surf and also out at sea.

The Seadoo GTI 155hp 1500cc has a direct drive engine and its multi-port fuel injection engine ensures it is very much alive at any altitude. You will certainly have more than enough power available for going through the surf. 
The customised Seadoo GTI 155 comes on a galvanised breakneck trailer with a spare wheel. In the front of the trailer an electric winch has been fitted, so when you’re loading the ski you just press a button and she comes up the trailer. No more sweating with a hand winch!
The people at Peter’s Watersports have thought this through very well and they are prepared to go the extra mile to help you wherever they can. They want you to ensure that your fishing vessel will give you hours of pleasure out at sea — and return home safely. 
If you are in the market for a fishing jetski, contact them and ask for a demo on the new Seadoo GTI 155.

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