Attend a course with Erwin Bursik

Motorists benefit substantially from advanced drivers’ training, and in the same way experienced skippers can benefit greatly from advanced skippers’ training under the eye of Erwin Bursik.

Enjoy an exciting time on the ocean learning the true capabilities of your craft and how to get the best out of her. Come and find out how to maximize your boat’s ride, keep everyone comfortable and limit fuel consumption.

The course will cover the following:
• Control during the power curve
• Importance of trimming the craft
• Minimising hull wetted area during planing
• Obviating hull/sponson dropping
• Dockside manoeuvring
• Correct trolling speed
• Anchor deployment and retrieval
• Effective use of electronics
• A full set of printed notes will be supplied

You will receive personalized instruction by Erwin Bursik who has reviewed 300-plus offshore craft and has operated craft in most major areas of South Africa.

A maximum of three persons will be instructed at a time, and instruction will take place on the skipper’s own craft.

Note, the course will not cover surf launching and is not linked to the acquisition of the legislated Certificate of Competency.

For further information and course fees contact Erwin Bursik on <> or 082 570 0329

“As the proud owner of a fantastic 7 metre Cobra Cat which is moored at the Point Marina in Durban I should be a very happy chap, but I was not getting the enjoyment out of my craft that I should have. Why? Because I was a tad nervous skippering this craft at sea. Luckily I saw Erwin Bursik’s offer of Advanced Skipper Training in the SKI-BOAT magazine and booked a morning’s training on board my boat out of Durban. Almost every aspect of skippering my craft was practically demonstrated and I was put through vigorous paces behind the wheel. In reality Erwin covered a lot more than I had anticipated.As the morning progressed my confidence grew exponentially, and with that so has the desire to go to sea and enjoy my special craft. Thank you, Erwin. ” — Vicky Ramthal

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